Hi! My name is Vadim Denisov

I'm a researcher and full-stack software developer

  • Name
  • I've been working on an exceptionally interesting and challenging project Usersat. We measure user satisfaction with mobile apps and provide recommendations how to improve apps. Besides doing a great R&D job on the project, our team already won a grant by STW foundation for innovation projects, won 'the best pitch prize' at ACE Venure lab bootcamp and won TEDx pitch night and is coming to TEDx Eindhoven.

  • As a researcher

    I discovered myself during investigating software development on a programmable calculator, which was the most fancy gadget at our primary school at that time, the year 1987. You had to write software in machine codes and the documentation was poor but the effort was worth it. I learnt how to solve problems independently and enjoy the result.

  • Name

Since then applying power capabilities of various programming languages like Assemblers, C/C++, Java, C#, Python and others to my projects at school, the unisversity and work I became a

Full Stack Software Developer



has always been my passion while I have been using development as my handiest and mighty tool. Currently I'm focused on Machine Learning and Process Mining working on Usersat.

I always apply my expertise and energy to projects that are able to significantly contribute into the world's problem solving and help people to be safer and happier. 

Now you know the most important things.

Nice to meet you!

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